Zümrüdüanka episode 1

Aslo known as The Phoenix, it is rumored that Zümrüdü Anka, who lived among the branches of the information tree and answered questions from all the birds, disappeared one day. The birds that received the news that they were behind Mount Kaf had to cross the seven bottomless valleys to get to it. These valleys were the valleys of Nafs, Love, Ignorance, Disbelief, Loneliness, Gossip and self. As the birds crossed these valleys one by one, many lost themselves on the road, many of them returned before they could reach them. However, only 30 of them managed to reach the Phoenix of the Phoenix behind Mount Kaf. Turkish series Zümrüdüanka episode 1 english subtitles.
In fact, each of the birds passing through these valleys was Zümrüdü Anka. These birds, who strayed from their breath and their selves and reached wisdom, were reborn from the ashes. Rumi said that whatever you are looking for for the lesson that follows this story, you are the one who is present. The importance of patience, effort and effort and self-accomplishment of its own phoenix is emphasized. Turkish series Zümrüdüanka episode 1 english subtitles.
If it’s aired with this name on the show, I think the story of the lovers who have been reunited with their loved ones will be told through great struggles. No matter how big the obstacles are, they are overcome by patience, effort and effort, and even Zümrüdü Anka is located behind the mountain of kaf. Turkish series Zümrüdüanka episode 1 english subtitles.

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