Yemin episode 186

Aslo known as The Promise, the ethics of the two young people who have a very different world are happy to live in forced marriage. Sad days will be the subject of Yemin series. Reyhan brought to Istanbul by Hikmet Bey from the country; For Hikmet has an unruly, spoiled son. Hikmet, who is in a pit, wants to marry Reyhan and his son Emir, who are girls, to guarantee the future of his disabled daughter Suna. Turkish series Yemin episode 186 english subtitles.
She depends on the food she preaches and rejoiced in her husband’s Emir; but Emir is not intent on maintaining this marriage. Reyhan, which is diametrically opposed to each other, will be infatuated with one another. Growing up without knowing what responsibility is in a rich family, Emir’s life is changed to Reyhan, whom his father gives him before he asks.
Emir and Reyhan is actually different from black and white; but Fikret decides to marry his irresponsible son, Reyhan. Hikmet Bey brings Reyhan to Istanbul with whom she sees a trustworthy person whom she can entrust after being born his disabled daughter Suna. Emir tried to prove himself to his father since childhood. His father’s forced marriage annoys him and is determined to remove the anger he receives from Reyhan. Turkish series Yemin episode 186 english subtitles.
On the morning of his first marriage, the courage would swear an oath that he would never touch his wife again. In fact, when Reyhan first learns, she opposes marrying Emir; However, as her father, Hikmet Bey, who she loved, learned that there are no days, Reyhan agrees to marry Emir as promised to him.
Reyhan accepts this compulsory marriage and the spoiled Emir, but Hikmet is the master of the show. The Order with time is wise; he falls in love with her and Reyhan. but Reyhan was very broken in this process. As he races in pursuit of Reyhan, he falls in love with her. Turkish series Yemin episode 186 english subtitles.

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