Yargı episode 25

Aslo known as The Judgment, lawyer Ceylin and Prosecutor Ilgaz… In their fight to ensure justice, they have the same passion; however, while struggling on this path, two legal people whose methods are at opposite poles. The more rule-bound, honest and strict Ilgaz is; Ceylin is just as borderless, unregulated and rebellious. That’s why every time their paths crossed, they clashed, tested each other and stayed on opposite sides. Until life crossed their paths again… Turkish series Yargı episode 25 english subtitles.
Ilgaz, brought to him as a murder case; He is caught unprepared for the shocking blow inflicted on his family by the corpse of a woman found in a garbage container. His brother Çınar is seen as the main suspect in this case. Ilgaz needs a good lawyer to save his brother, so he comes to the brink of a tough decision. All the features of Ceylin that he never approves are like the key to the iron bars that will be closed on his brother. Will Ceylin help Ilgaz on this road full of difficulties that she has to deal with? Turkish series Yargı episode 25 english subtitles.
Ceylin and Ilgaz; at this turning point, which they never expected to meet, while questioning the truths that they thought indispensable until today; they will also find themselves floundering in a sea of secrets that they do not know how to swim. Turkish series Yargı episode 25 english subtitles.

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  • Viscera4ever

    OMG, Ceylin actually made the RIGHT choice and told Ilgaz about the stupid kids. Shocking beyond shocking. And usually I don’t, but I actually felt bad for her at the moment of reveal about her father being dead.
    The mistress of Eileen’s husband sure had SOME nerve to blame Eileen that her marriage was over and she had a termination. What does that have to do with Eileen? It was HER who decided to have an affair with someone else’s husband, and then hide the consequences of that affair and carry on like nothing happened. A WHOLE A*S BABY, and she was just gonna what, pretend it was her husband’s and expect Eileen to just swallow it? Nah, girl, you were paid the dividends of EXACTLY what you invested in.