Yaman episode 72

With the original title Medcezir. Yaman who lives in Tozludere one of the Istanbul’s suburbs has always tried to change his destiny by working hard to earn a good life. On the day of his brother’s birthday Kenan, they were both arrested as his brother stole a car from a gas station. That evening, Yaman’s destiny changed as he met Selim Serez, a rich lawyer who helped him out of jail. Selim sees Yaman as a promising young man and he offers him his help. When Yaman’s mom kicks him out of her house, Yaman is forced to contact Selim and accept his help. He then goes to Selim’s house in Altınkoy, an exclusive upper-class neighborhood in Istanbul, and is offered a job as a gardener for a week, and also a place to live in the pool house outside the main house. Yaman episode 72 english subtitles. Even if Yaman is aware that there are no miracles in real life, he doesn’t have another chance apart from going through that door. Carrying the weight of the past on his shoulders, among people he doesn’t know, he faces a more difficult life than the one he had in Tozludere. In Altınkoy he meets Mert, Selim’s son, with whom he becomes friends almost immediately, he also meets Mira, a young, beautiful rich girl who lives next door and with whom he falls in love. Yaman episode 72 english subtitles.
Challenges arise for the young Yaman who enrols in the Asım Şekip Kaya University along with Mira, Mert and Eylül and their friends.
Orkun, Mira’s ex- boyfriend, is envious of Yaman and creates problems for him deliberately to get him out of Altınkoy. He joins hands with Hasan, Yaman’s stepfather, in this plan. Yaman episode 72 english subtitles.

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  • Viscera4ever

    Mira is……….ASTONISHING. She is the high tide. She has always been head under water in love and it shows in every decision she makes and how she prioritizes her life. She’s excited for surgery now because she’s excited to live with Yaman the way she lived with him for just 3 days. That’s it. No other deep revelation came to her. And there is such beauty, yah, SUCH BEAUTY in that and her speech to her father about why she wants to be married before surgery. She astonishes me as no female Turkish lead ever has.
    I forgot to mention it last episode: It was highly inappropriate and tack AF, but there was some truth to all the things drunken Orkun said. I mean, he’s still garbage; but just this once, he wasn’t lying.
    Aside: Sedef’s hair at the anniversary dinner party was the ugliest thing I have EVER seen.