Vatanım Sensin episode 3

What lies beneath the most threatening truth that two lovers can face? What is the ultimate challenge that love can abide? On that stormy night the woman and the man yielded to their desires, giving into the demands of their bodies after so many years. They knew this wouldn’t last, they knew there might be no tomorrow for them. Their love so tender, so cherished, was now glowing with the flames of their passion The cruelty of reality was ready to swallow them The cruelty of reality and the forbidding siege which threatened their love, their hopes, their faith… That night would be the most hopeful, the ominous key to their intertwined fate… This is the story of a devoted mother who struggles to keep her family together during the most difficult times a woman can encounter. Vatanım Sensin episode 3 english subtitles. A woman who finds solace in the memories of her love, but who will have to reject her beloved. A mother who is doomed to make a choice between her family and her repressed womanhood. This is the story of one of the most tragic heroes of his times. A hero who is condemned to face the ruination of his family while he can do nothing to stop it A father who is fated to be left alone by his family and by his treasured love, because of the vital secret that he cannot reveal to anyone. A man in love, who is doomed to witness his beloved one slip through his fingers for a cause that he cannot oppose. Yet, he will not recede from his lie, on behalf of the oath he took, the oath that is so close to his heart. This man, brave enough to dare death without any hesitation, accepts to reject every single part of his life that he cherished. Vatanım Sensin episode 3 english subtitles.

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