Teşkilat episode 34

Aslo known as The Agency, an attack on Turkey, from a unknown dark world who put their plans into motion attracting the attention of the entire world targeting Turkey’s İHA and SİHA programs. Following this surprise move; the National Intelligence Agency decides to create under its umbrella a secret organization. A very experienced intelligence officier Mete Bey who will be in charge of this secret organization is to establish a team that will be able to deal with a variety of secret missions both inside and outside of the country. In order to be able to accomplish this and be effective the members of this secret agency must be on paper known as being deceased, and this is a requirement of being a team member that all must accept. Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.
Mete Bey’s choices for this team include Zehra, Hakkı Day, Pınar, Hulki, and Gürcan and he meets with each one of them one by one, and explains to them that everyone including their family members must know that “they are deceased” and that they must accept this condition… Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.
The team which has gotten together nominate Serdar Kılıçaslan to be their leader as he is the most recognized and best and most experienced intelligence officer of the team. Now Serdar is stuck between his love of country and the love of his life Ceren, because Ceren is also going to have to be told that Serdar has passed away. Each one of the team member is an expert and has a specialty in their intelligence field as they all realize that they are starting on a journey from which there will be no return. Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.
Serdar is living through the biggest shock of his life when he learns that his girlfriend is actually a spy and has been betraying him. On one hand he is trying to figure out how he fell for this game, while on the other side he is being questioned by the interior security officials. Following the plane crash, the team is officially announced as all dying, and all of their family members meet and seek solace with Mete. As Mete is giving the heartbreaking news to the family members, the family members and those who have been unable to form a bond with their loved ones; the team members are thinking about how the decision that they have made is going to effect their lives. Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.
Serdar who is released from questioning by the interior security department, receives orders from Mete that he is to continue his relationship with Ceren. As Ceren is taken under 24 hour watch; Serdar learns some very critical information that angers him very much and also forces him to make a decision between his anger and his orders. The team is working day and night to track down any trace of Pascal who is responsible for the attack on SİHA; Serdar arrives from secret headquarters and meets the team members. When Mete announces that Serdar is also going to be joining the team, the biggest objection comes from Zehra. Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.
The team receives information that Pascal is going to be leaving the country, so they make their first move in a operation as a team. They are determined not to allow the blood of the engineers who where martyr’s to remain on the ground without redemption. They have all sworn with determination as a team to catch Pascal and be able to reach the dark organization behind him. Turkish series Teşkilat episode 34 english subtitles.

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