Sipahi episode 4

Aslo known as The Soldiers, Korkut Ali Türkoğlu the most talented agent that the MIT has recently trained, reaches important information about those who plan the events established on Turkey after an operation full of action and intelligence. In line with this information, ‘Yıldırım Zafer Bozok’ (Kerem Alışık), who was withdrawn from the field and whose successful operations in the past was taught as a course in the MIT school, is recalled to duty. Surprises are experienced in the operation carried out by Korkut Ali and Yıldırım together with a talented team. Destiny; He brings together ‘Canan’ (Özge Gürel) and ‘Korkut Ali’, who are the anti-terrorism commissioners, in the country after abroad, and the duo’s work becomes very difficult. Turkish series Sipahi episode 4 english subtitles.
The ‘Manager’ structuring, supported by the dark forces of the West, has become a clear threat to Turkey. Bloody terrorist acts are taking place in Turkey that will create chaos and lead the people to fear and panic. The Turkish economy is going through various tests, and the most vulnerable points of the country are subjected to cyber attacks through Metavarse, dark web, crypto communication systems and internet systems. This complex and complex enemy; It also actively uses a wide variety of groups within the country. The Sipahis of the National Intelligence Organization realize this danger and react quickly. Turkish series Sipahi episode 4 english subtitles.
Korkut Ali, a young, brave and talented agent trained by the National Intelligence Organization, is running for the country without hesitation. Ali, who is constantly putting himself in danger, reveals that a big conspiracy is being planned against Turkey in his new position. Thereupon, former intelligence officer Yıldırım Bozok, who is known as a legend in MIT, returns to duty. However, with this comeback, Yıldırım’s past will follow him. Knowing that protecting the homeland is a matter of dignity, not a profession, Ali and Yıldırım must protect Turkey’s future. In the shadow play played over Turkey by the ghosts, they will have to pull the curtain. Turkish series Sipahi episode 4 english subtitles.
The Sipahi team managed to stop the bomb. Sipahi team managed to stop the bomb. But this is only a small part of the game that awaits them. Ali, on the other hand, owes an explanation to Canan, whom he met first in Vienna and then at the stadium. At the same time, Ali, who lives a double life like every intelligence worker, has to protect his identity. Learning that the Habtor is alive, Yıldırım plans to catch him. The Sipahi team is trying to learn exactly the secret game they are trying to solve. The only way to do this is to perform a well-planned operation. However, the entire team suddenly finds themselves in an unexpected danger. Turkish series Sipahi episode 4 english subtitles.

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