Şahane Damat episode 8

Melike is the kind of girl to utten little white (!) lies to convince her abroad-living parents that she can lead a decent life on her own in İstanbul. Her parents in Germany currently believe that she is an award-winning journalist, she lives in the perfect house and she’s to be married to her doctor fiancé soon.
In reality, however, Melike is a clumsy young woman trying to survive in the cruel jungle that is İstanbul, and the closest she ever got to becoming an esteemed journalist is her horoscope column in a tabloid. Şahane Damat episode 8 english subtitles. What’s worse is that the plastic surgeon Mehmet Çırağan, to whom she lied about being engaged, is actually engaged to her boss. Şahane Damat episode 8 english subtitles.
One day Melike gets close to capturing the news piece the always dreamed of. The scandal she dished in on will shake the grounds. However, that scandal incidentally puts Mehmet very close to the chopping block.
Surely, neither Mehmet nor Melike are aware of the fact that their story which started with lies and blackmail will pave their way to a love that’ll cleanse all their cheat and deceit… Şahane Damat episode 8 english subtitles.

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