Meryem episode 28

A rainy night… Oktay is planning to break up with his long-term girlfriend Meryem, so that he can fully focus on advancing in this career as a prosecutor – while Meryem is wishfully thinking that Oktay is going to propose to her tonight, just a day before starting his new job. Savaş is waiting for Sevinç, whom he plans to marry against his father’s approval.
Oktay and Meryem’s car slide on the wet road, and they hit something… Oktay gets out of the car to check, Meryem is waiting for him in the car, panicked and scared. She doesn’t see what Oktay sees. She doesn’t know that Oktay leaves a wounded woman there, to die on the side road. She doesn’t know that the woman is someone’s treasured sweetheart and she carries their baby. She doesn’t know that the man who loses the love of his life is Savaş. Oktay tells her that they hit a barrel and there is nothing to worry about… Meryem episode 28 english subtitles.
Savaş finds Sevinç, laying on the ground under the rain. The car that hit her is nowhere to be seen. He sees her life fade away, right in his arms. Taken by rage and fury, he promises to find the person who is responsible for this, and to give him hell. From that moment onwards, Savaş only lives to take his revenge. Meryem episode 28 english subtitles.

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  • Sinead

    O my, I would NEVER look at a guy like Güçlü. He’s a complete idiot. He is so immature and entitled. Who gives him the right to destroy Burcu’s flowers and decide what she should do and when? It’s HER choice who she wants and whether she wants to accept the flowers or not. He is way too pushy and a bully. Run Burcu! And when will these two boys stop acting alone? They don’t get anything done acting on emotions and falling into Oktay’s traps again and again and again. Include the police from the beginning. Burcu is probably the worst police woman on the force…running amock, doing her own thing, not getting anything done.