Matter of Respect episode 9

With the original title Şeref Meselesi, Everything begins with the Kılıç family’s moving to İstanbul. Moving to İstanbul is the biggest dream of Zeliha who is married into a family living in a small Aegean town. Zeliha and her husband Hasan have two sons. Their first child Yiğit, is a mischievous, good-looking, womanizer, and powerful man. The second child, Emir, is just the opposite of his brother. He is a calm, hard-working person and when the matter comes to women, he is timid and shy.
After finishing the faculty of law, Emir decides to make his compulsory internship in İstanbul. The moment Zeliha hears about this, she starts a fight and this fight causes the death of grandfather Basri. As a result of this death, the whole family shares the heritage and moves to İstanbul. Hasan decides on opening a jewelry store with the guidance of Sadullah who is a beloved and well-known man in the neighborhood. Matter of Respect episode 9 english subtitles.
Yiğit, since day one, attracts all the girls’ attentions in the neighborhood. There are Kübra and Derya among these girls. They both fall in love with him at the first sight but Yiğit gets stuck on Sibel who is a high flying, and arrogant person doing modelling for living. On the other hand, Sibel runs away from Yiğit and throws herself into Emir’s arms. With Sibel, Emir experiences his first love then he carries a torch because of her. Matter of Respect episode 9 english subtitles.
Hasan, to open this store, borrows some Money from Sadullah and signs a voucher. One day before the opening, the store is robbed and all the investment goes for nothing. Hasan can’t put up with this sorrow and commits a suicide. After this tragic event, two brother decides to take revenge of their father but from different ways. Yiğit tries to take revenge illegally while Emir tries to do it legislatively. Matter of Respect episode 9 english subtitles.