Kül Masalı episode 6

Aslo known as Ash Tale, Arat is the only son of the Giraylı family, a prominent family in Istanbul with a lineage tracing back to the palace. While on a business trip to Bursa, he meets Özge Günay, who lives there. Özge is a chef who lost her parents at a young age and lives with her sister, Behiye. Despite coming from different cultures and being very different from each other, Özge and Arat fall in love and quickly get married. The couple, who are very happy, are shocked when they come to the mansion in Istanbul; it’s as if the ghost of Arat’s ex-wife, Jale, is right beside them. Neveser, Arat’s mother-in-law, refuses to accept Özge, and the tension in the mansion will drag Özge into an inextricable whirlpool. Turkish series Kül Masalı episode 6 english subtitles.

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