Kızıl Goncalar episode 13

Aslo known as Red buds, a mother and daughter flee to escape from a forced marriage in a restrictive sect. The mother works for a progressive psychiatrist whose daughter’s identity causes turmoil, despite their growing bond. Turkish series Kızıl Goncalar episode 13 english subtitles.
“Kızıl Goncalar” tells the poignant story of Meryem, married off at 14 in an Islamic sect, and now battling bravely to prevent her daughter Zeynep from suffering the same fate as the bride of the sheikh’s grandson. Guided by her sister-in-law, a former sect member, they realize they must flee to save Zeynep from the sect’s powerful clutches. Fearfully hiding her plans from her cruel husband, Meryem must first earn money as a carer in the home of secular psychiatrist Levent, who agrees to help her. Despite their clashing religious and progressive beliefs, Meryem and Levent are drawn together emotionally, but the turmoil in their lives deepens as the identity of his daughter is revealed. Turkish series Kızıl Goncalar episode 13 english subtitles.
Kizil Goncalar tells the poignant story of Meryem (Özgü Namal), who was married off at 14 in an Islamic sect. Events in the series kick-off when Meryem, her husband, and their teenage daughter Zeynep relocate to a new city where the sect is concentrated. Unbeknownst to Meryem, her disgruntled husband has made plans to marry off Zeynep to the sheikh’s grandson Cüneyd (Mert Yazicioglu). With the clock running out and the odds stacked against her, Meryem devices a plan to save her daughter from suffering the same cruel fate as hers. To earn the money they would need to survive away from the sect, Meryem takes up a job as the caregiver for the father of Levant Alkanli, a famed psychiatrist. Despite conflicting with his beliefs, Levant is eager to assist Meryem, and as time progresses, the undeniable attraction between them continues to grow. However, Meryem and Levant are in for an even bigger surprise when they learn that Zeynep’s long-lost twin, previously thought to have died at birth, is the daughter Levant adopted many years ago. While entirely fictional, Kizil Goncalar stands out as the first Turkish drama in several years to offer a raw and realistic portrayal of the inner workings of religious sects. This audacious approach has not been without controversy, as it has sparked a significant backlash, with some advocating for the show’s outright cancellation. That in itself serves as a testament to the incredible job everyone behind the series has done thus far. While series like these tend to lean into sensationalism eventually, the plot of Kizil Goncalar has all the trademarks of a classic drama that, if it continues to be so meticulously written, will ultimately benefit from the emotions, strong or otherwise, it evokes from its viewers. Turkish series Kızıl Goncalar episode 13 english subtitles.