Kirli Sepeti episode 2

Aslo known as Dirty Basket, will tell the story of women working as maids in a luxurious villa. The series will start with the suicide of a cleaner named Meryem, who jumps out of a window in the villa where she works. Meryem’s suicide, full of secrets, will affect Songül, who works as a cleaner in the same complex, and her daughter İlkgül, who is studying at university, the most. Director Merve Girgin has prepared the series with the slogan “We cleaned their houses, not their hearts.” Turkish series Kirli Sepeti episode 2 english subtitles.
The death of Meryem, who works as a caregiver at Chrysanthemum Houses, casts a shadow over only half of the residents of the site. While the owners continue their lives as they are, Songül, a veteran of the house where she works, tries to keep her young daughter İlkgül, who lost both herself and her friend, afloat. Medine, who witnesses an unexpected moment at the house where she works, is forced to lie for the first time in her life, while Hayriye, who wants to help her friend, causes her much bigger trouble. Turkish series Kirli Sepeti episode 2 english subtitles.

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