Kalbimin Sultanı episode 2

Mahmud brings Anna to his palace to teach his children French. The Russian ambassador also sends him there with the pressure to “spy on his country”. A blend of East and West, a love that cannot have a happy ending. Mahmoud II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Anna, an open-minded, hardworking Russian girl. They meet coincidently and fall in love at first sight. Sultan Mahmoud offers Anna to stay in the palace and teach his children French. Anna accepts the job. Their interest for each other increases each day and Anna finds that she cannot bear the thought of Mahmoud being with other women while Mahmoud is positively surprised and impressed by her personality with every passing day. They confess their love each other and begin experiencing something new and warm. After a while, Anna confesses to Mahmoud that she was placed in the palace as a spy but she no longer wishes to continue her services. Kalbimin Sultanı episode 2 english subtitles. Mahmoud feels betrayed and punishes her for a long time, but then comes to his senses, as he knows that she had to do what she did in order to save her father. Kalbimin Sultanı episode 2 english subtitles.