Icerde episode 15

When Sarp’s brother Umut disappears and is presumed dead, his mother hangs onto his memory for dear life. Sarp blames himself for having lost him and is still haunted by the loss. Just as Sarp is to graduate from the police academy he is assigned to infiltrate the mafia syndicate run by the mob boss, Celal Karabaş. He believes by succeeding with his mission he will finally find peace in his mind and soul. When getting further involved in Celal’s world, Sarp also finds himself developing deep feelings for the mob boss’s protégé, Melek. She was taken off the streets begging as a small child by Celal, alongside a little boy, Mert. Icerde episode 15 english subtitles. Sarp eventually discovers that Mert is his long lost brother who in turn is embarking on his own mission for Celal. Suddenly the siblings are reunited but not as two brothers but two opponents on different side of the law. Will the brotherly love succeed to overcome all differences and heal wounded hearts? Icerde episode 15 english subtitles.

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  • Viscera4ever

    Melek, sweetie, why would you get in the middle of a c*ck measuring contest? Stay out of the way; they’ll handle it. Celal was ALL KINDS of wrong in his approach to Melek. Shitty parenting at its finest. She’s not a child: you cannot command, only persuade and reason. But that moment was necessary for Melek to truly start seeing Celal for who he is rather than who he shows her.
    I loved what Sarp’s mother said: “If a person is only good those he loves, is he a good man?”