Güvercin episode 1

Aslo known as The Pigeon, 15 years ago, Badr Kavvi and Ahmet Jibranoglu were close friends. After the murder of Ahmet Cibranoğlu, Bedir Kavvi was accused of the murder of a close friend and sent to prison. After a 15-year break, Badr Kavvi is released from prison. Hearing that Badr Kavvi had been released from prison in the Jibranoğlu mansion, Ökkesh goes mad. After the incident fifteen years ago, Jibran’s son Kenan, who is studying in Istanbul, returns to Gaziantep to his family after the news of his father’s death and continues his life as the head of the house. Turkish series Güvercin episode 1 english subtitles.
The news that Badr is out of prison falls on the cibranoglu’s big mansion in the Bey Neighborhood. The youngest son of the Jibrans, Ökkash, swears revenge against Badr, while Kenan, who is the head of the family, tries to stop him after the death of his father Ahmet.
But there is a truth that these two families, hostile to each other, never knew. The son of the Kavwis, Muslim and Daughter of the Jibranoglus, Nefise has loved each other since high school. When the Muslim and Nafise secretly run away thinking they would not allow their families to marry, the two families will meet again. Unaware of what his son is doing, Badr doesn’t know what to do when he finds out what happened. Turkish series Güvercin episode 1 english subtitles.
Muslim who kidnapped Nefise with his gun in his waistband and the men he took with him becomes irrevocable. On the one hand, Badr, on the other, Kenan tries to do his best to prevent the incident from turning into a vendetta. Turkish series Güvercin episode 1 english subtitles.

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