Gulizar episode 6

The series will tell the story of Gülizar who will never give up singing, and a successful doctor of veterinary medicine Murat and the unexpected manner in which they meet.
Gülizar is 25 years old and lives in a poorer neighborhood in Izmir along with Suzan who is 40 years old whom her mother had entrusted her too years ago. Music is very important to her and her biggest dream is to become a singer. Turkish series Gulizar episode 6 english subtitles.
Suzan works at a bar which is run by Şerif, however Şerif has his eye on Gülizar. He asks Suzan to bring Gülizar to the bar. Gülizar’s other problem is an older man Bahri Bey who wants to marry her. Gülizar who wants to rid herself of these problems has no idea that her life is going to change in a manner of which she could never imagine.
Her biological father Mehmet Rıfat who is very wealthy and owns a dairy factory is on his death bed, and want to see his daughter; his last will is that she live of the ranch. Turkish series Gulizar episode 6 english subtitles.
The manager of the ranch who has known of Gülizar’s existence for years has a son Murat. On the day that Gülizar arrives at the ranch, Murat falls instantly in love with her, however there is a question…..he is engaged to Mehmet Rıfat’s daughter Mine.
As Gülizar tries to get comfortable into her new life at the ranch and attain her dreams she is going to have to deal with her enemies of the past and the new enemies that she makes; at the same time she is going to become very shaken with the love that she feels for Murat. Turkish series Gulizar episode 6 english subtitles.

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