Gaddar episode 8

Aslo known as The Wicked, Dağhan is a soldier serving in the East. After two years away from his hometown due to some traumatic events he experienced, he returns to take a bit of a mental break. However, when he returns to his neighborhood, he cannot find anything as he left it. Turkish series Gaddar episode 8 english subtitles.
His girlfriend Aydan, with whom he has a passionate love, has disappeared. Their love is so intense that even when they are apart, they are not completely separated, so not being able to find her deeply affects Dağhan. His family has fallen apart: he learns that his sister has run away with a man, his brother has quit school and gotten involved in shady business, and his parents are estranged. It turns out Dağhan was the one holding the house together; everything fell apart when he left.Things in the neighborhood are not the same either. Shady characters have taken over, and his old friends have gotten involved in various illegal activities. Turkish series Gaddar episode 8 english subtitles.
In this chaotic environment, a character called “The Director” emerges. He offers Dağhan a job. “Hitman.” Although Dağhan initially vehemently rejects it, he finds himself in the middle of trouble to protect his closest friend, Samet. When Samet dies, Dağhan agrees to carry out assassinations to repay Samet’s debt to The Director, or else Samet’s child and wife will die! Turkish series Gaddar episode 8 english subtitles.
After learning that his girlfriend Aydan is involved with another man, his psychology is further shattered. His dreams of winning her back crumble. Meanwhile, he realizes that due to the job he is doing, his family and loved ones are in danger. If he wants to continue doing this job and protect his loved ones, he must become even more ruthless. Turkish series Gaddar episode 8 english subtitles.

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