Full moon episode 23

With original title Dolunay, studying Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the university and aspiring to become a professional chef, Nazli wants to become a master in Japanese cuisine and dreams of opening her own restaurant.
She shares an apartment with her sister and a friend. In order to support their home, she searches for an extra job and starts working as a cook at a rich businessman’s house. She has to prepare dinner for this rich businessman whom she doesn’t know the identity of and leave the house at exactly 5pm before he comes home. Thus, the rich and successful businessman Ferit’s path crosses with Nazli’s as they meet outside the house by coincidence. As the couple gets closer, they both feel that love is in the air. Turkish series Full moon episode 23 english subtitles.
Ferit is a successful businessman, a perfectionist both at work and at home. He wants the same perfect order he has set in his office, at his home. A cook works for him at his home. The cook prepares dinner for him and leaves before he gets back from work. However, due to his daintiness and perfectionism, none of the cooks manage to work for a long time. Meanwhile, graduate student Nazli who studies Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, is urgently looking for an extra job to support the house she shares with her sister and friend. However, she also cannot manage to maintain a job for a long-time due to her strong-willed and stubborn character. Turkish series Full moon episode 23 english subtitles.
Ferit and Nazli’s paths cross at Ferit’s kitchen. Their business relationship starts with constant bickering and gradually becomes a long-term relationship due to Nazli’s cooking skills. Turkish series Full moon episode 23 english subtitles.

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  • Viscera4ever

    We’ve advanced 15 episodes and somehow Nazli has still managed to learn jacksh*t: she still allows herself to be manipulated by her enemies, fails to trust in neither herself nor Ferit (the place where her true heart lies), and won’t allow her perpetual f*ck up of a sister to assume responsibility for her own stupidity. It’s why Asuman is still bullsh*tting her way through life; how’s she supposed to learn that actions have consequences if no one ever allows her to experience those consequences, and ruins their own lives on her behalf instead? Baffling.
    How could Nazli do this to the same man TWICE!? Uhggggg!!!