FiÇi episode 3

Fi series is the first major online-only Turkish series with a very famous cast. The series based on Azra Kohen’s bestseller Fi – Çi – Pi novel trilogy. The series has a great cast, and its budget is huge. But you may ask why such a series didn’t broadcast by major television channels? The reason is its story, the series based on love, passion, eroticism and sexuality which needs to be shown with explicit sex scenes. No tv channel in Turkey can broadcast such explicit scenes because of the regulations of the state agency “Radio and Television Supreme Council”. The Internet has the freedom, and so Fi series enjoying it.
The story is about Can Manay (played by Ozan Güven) who is a very famous psychologist with a dark background. Can Manay has a special interest in women, and his obsession is to have whoever he wants, and he had them until Can Manay saw Duru. Duru is a young dancer studying in the academy and she has a handsome boyfriend Deniz (played by Mehmet Günsur). FiÇi episode 3 english subtitles.
Can Manay is not a good character, its a hated figure, frankly he is an asshole. After meeting with Duru Can Manay becomes obsessed with Duru and he tries everything to break her relationship with Deniz and have her. On the other hand, Can Manay has a very dark background and 20 years ago he was sent to mental hospital for three years. A young and beautiful journalist Özge accidentally finds this dark secret about Can Manay but she couldn’t press this scandal because of Can Manay’s fame. FiÇi episode 3 english subtitles.
This romantic and thriller series had a great success and each episode watched by 10 million views on average. This is a huge number for an online streaming series. This huge rating was the result of the famous cast, good acting and of course most-talked sex scenes.

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