Don’t let go of my hand episode 36

With original title Elimi Bırakma, is a made for television series about Feride Hanım and how she rolled up her sleeves to teach the values of life while trying to keep a family together without consideration of money.
Feride Hanım is the owners of one of Turkey’s most respected food and beverage company “Piştim Catring Şirketler Grubu“. She is someone who has seen minimalist things and an over abundant of things, as well as suffered through pain and understands the worries of others very well. Feride Hanım lost her husband at a very young age, left helpless and poor she would pack her 2 year old son on her back and sell the soup called “Beyran” on the streets, therefore earning a living and bringing home money.
Along with a very difficult life; but a lucky magic wand somehow circled around her creating magic for the life of Feride Hanım. A female patron who frequently ate the meals prepared by Feride Hanım was also an investor and she acted as a go between to enable Feride Hanım to create her own business. Don’t let go of my hand episode 36 english subtitles.
Feride Hanım knew that now she had to work even harder than ever, and she did exactly that, afterwards she was able to establish a chain of small restaurants known as artisan’s shops of home cooking style foods. Now she is a business woman. But she never forgot the woman who entered her life like a magic wand and the help that she received from her, and using this as her inspiration she too always tried to enter peoples lives and become their magic wand whenever she could. Don’t let go of my hand episode 36 english subtitles.
She raised her son with the same discipline and respect that she was raised with as a child. Her son Arif became just like her, hardworking and very smart as well. He always was able to predict the future when it came to business. While establishing and growing the business he also establishes his own family. Even though Feride Hanım does not approve he marries the Serap the woman who has his heart. Even though Feride Hanım keeps her distance when she takes her first grandchild into her arms, the ice melts; then comes grandchild two and then three. Don’t let go of my hand episode 36 english subtitles.

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  • Sinead

    I don’t understand…why is it always such an issue if a girl falls in love. It’s almost like she has to choose between life & death. This is so messed up. It’s ok for men to love who they want and sleep around, but a girl can’t even look into a male’s direction. Some serious double standards.