Darısı Başımıza episode 4

A colorful love story that begins with a misunderstanding of a handsome genius that she has encountered with a young woman who is deceived by the man she made marriage plans with.
The only anticipation of Zerrin (Devrim Yakut), a self-sacrificing mother who devoted her life to her children, is to see their children build happy nests. But what is possible! The older daughter Rüya (Açelya Topaloğlu), a platonic lover of an old player, has not seen her head up and look at her tales around her. Little boy Serkan (Burak Can) is the mother of his mother, it is obvious that he will not easily leave home. Medieval daughter Öykü (Elif Doğan) is in abroad, in her work, in her career … Darısı Başımıza episode 4 english subtitles.
While Zerrin is not expecting to see his children’s children in the near future, his world will become his own by giving news that his story will be married. Darısı Başımıza episode 4 english subtitles. Waiting for the day to meet their dreams with all four eyes, Zerrin is expecting a bad surprise on the day of asking for the girl. Aksoy and Arslansoy are facing families and old books are opening up. Not only Zerrin, but also Oyku and Ruya are getting what they are before this encounter. When you get into each other, you are left with a grip of love, a sip of happiness and plenty of laughter. Darısı Başımıza episode 4 english subtitles.