Çocuk episode 12

Aslo known as The Boy, is a story where four women are tested with their motherhood and their children will be tested along with their mothers… While Akça, the daughter of a prostitute mother, abandons her motherhood in order to give her son a better future, Şule, the bride of a wealthy family, promises to be the mother of Akça’s baby for a lifetime. As Efe looks after the baby he names his baby, and things change with the birth of his own child. Mother-in-law Asiye has a big secret that will ruin everyone’s life. Turkish series Çocuk episode 12 english subtitles.
The life of the Karasu family is a great secret of the secret of Asiye Hanım, who has a say in the family. The baby, which was given to the bride by Şule at the time, was the son of his illegitimate son Hasan, who he hid from everyone. Turkish series Çocuk episode 12 english subtitles. When Sule gave birth to his own son, Efe, who looked like a son for five years, became too much for him. Unaware that the child is not his own, Ali Kemal reacts to his wife’s indifference to Efe, a false step taken by Shule to black out and get rid of Efe. Akca, the real mother of Efe, enters their lives. The danger bells have started to ring for Asiye. It is only a matter of time before Hasan, who is unaware that his son lives, enters the mansion he sees as Akça and Asiye’s fortress. Turkish series Çocuk episode 12 english subtitles.

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