Cennet episode 30

With original title Cennet’in Gözyaslari, Cennet was abandoned as a baby, and has struggled bravely through life, desperate for the motherly love she has missed out on. Brought up by her grandmother, Cennet has little in her life apart from her best friend. However, an accident breaks them apart and he vanishes from her life. Years later, despite her poor background, Cennet has worked hard to become the top student in her architecture class. Following their graduation, her schoolmate Melisa’s mother offers her a dream job at her successful firm. There she meets Selim, and as they are drawn to each other he starts remembering Cennet – as the childhood friend that he had long since forgotten. Cennet episode 30 english subtitles. Their relationship isn’t welcomed by Melisa’s mother who plans for her daughter to marry Selim. Cennet episode 30 english subtitles. When she discovers a birthmark on Cennet’s neck, identical to that of the baby she abandoned over 20 years ago, she starts to believe that Cennet’s appearance is no coincidence – and reacts not with maternal affection, but a plan to get rid of her from her life. Cennet episode 30 english subtitles.

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  • Viscera4ever

    Per usual, Cennet is queen of kingdom Too Much. I get that she discovered something devastating, but her reactions were OUTRAGEOUS. I also find it odd that no one guessed the truth before now. Come on. Based on her behavior and actions, what happened to Arzu was OBVIOUS.
    That entire car accident scene was ridiculous. You wanna have a chat. Is the local café or wharf not available? Why are you driving to the middle of nowhere for a chat? So the breaks are out. And? Take your foot off the gas and the car will eventually coast to a stop. No big deal.