Camdaki Kız episode 15

Aslo known as Girl in the Glass, Nalan works for the Koroğlu group of companies who are the owners of the largest chain of hotels in Turkey. Nalan is a soft spoken, very smart, very warm and friendly as well as a very beautiful young lady. She is the only child in her family. She has been raised in much wealth, with much attention, doting family, as well as educated in the best schools graduating with top honors. Looking from the outside Nalan has a flawless and perfect life, however there is a secret she hides from everyone… Turkish series Camdaki Kız episode 15 english subtitles.
Meanwhile we have Sedat who is the heir apparent to the company that Nalan works for. Sedat has been in a relationship for quite a few years with an older woman; Cana who is married and very well known in the circles of society. The owner of the company and of course Sedat’s father Rafet Koroğlu has worked tirelessly for many years to create this empire, and he is adamant about not allowing his son Sedat to stain his impeccable name. In order to insure that Sedat and Cana break-up; Rafet decides that Sedat whether it be on his own or by force will marry someone else. Now the wheels of fate start to turn… Sedat and Nalan happen to cross paths. Sedat who has been trying to prove himself to his father for all of these years has one solution, to marry someone he does not even know; Nalan! Turkish series Camdaki Kız episode 15 english subtitles.
But is Sedat the shining prince charming that Nalan has been dreaming about? Will these two young persons, who have been very emotionally hurt since childhood be able to live a fairy tale love? Or is there an even darker unimaginable life that awaits this young couple?
Turkey’s handsome and wealth single man Sedat Koroğlu and the news that he is going to marry Nalan makes the headlines and has an explosive effect. Nalan and her family are invited to the very fancy Koroğlu family ranch for the weekend. As these two are going to spend time for the first time getting to know each other, they are going to work very hard to keep their secrets a secret as well; Nalan suddenly finds herself in the middle of the test prepared for her by Rafet Koroğlu. Turkish series Camdaki Kız episode 15 english subtitles.
Nalan and Sedat along with their immediate family have a small celebration and exchange rings. Feride still cannot accept the Koroğlu family at all, and her stress continues to escalate even higher on the way back home. Feride is determined to keep Nalan as far away as possible from Sedat until they get married, when suddenly she a totally unexpected guest arrives from her past… The secret that Adil and Feride have been hiding for all of these years suddenly starts shadow over them like a huge dark cloud once again. Nalan is living a fairy tale. Nalan is invited to Sedat’s private apartment which no body knows anything about. After what she learns about Sedat will she be able to stay with him? Or will this fairy tale of love stop before it ever really begins? Turkish series Camdaki Kız episode 15 english subtitles.

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