Broken Pieces episode 16

With the original title Paramparça. This drama is about the life of two people from different backgrounds, but because of an accident resulting in unintentional baby exchange due to the similarity of baby names each other. Gulseren (Nurgul Yesilcay) who is a young and beautiful mother who lives in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul were hit by a car and taken to the hospital to give birth. Meanwhile Dilara (Ebru Ozkan) a rich family also give birth in the same hospital. Broken Pieces episode 16 english subtitles. Infants were given to the wrong parents. Gulseren given to baby girls and baby girl Dilara given to Gulseren. Broken Pieces episode 16 english subtitles.
For 15 years, Gulseren lived with her daughter Hazal (Alina Boz). She has tried to find her husband who had left. She worked as a waiter in a small shop. Meanwhile, Dilara including wealthy families and lives with his daughter Cansu (Leyla Tanlar). Although She had a rich life, but had some problems with her husband Cihan (Erkan Petekkaya). Broken Pieces episode 16 english subtitles.
Cansu involved in an accident that required him rushed to the hospital. From these events be discovered that cansu not the biological child of Dilara. This fact turned out to make the lives of all these people upside down. Cansu has been brought up in a wealthy family and has enjoyed a rich life while hazal has been raised in a poor family and became insecure do not have branded clothes or smart phone. Broken Pieces episode 16 english subtitles.

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