Börü episode 6

asko knows as Wolf, in the spring of 2014. A time when the enemies are growing on the border, the circle of danger inside is becoming narrower. The Republic of Turkey faces the greatest threats of recent history. BÖRÜ tells the story of heroic heroes who are touched by love. They are the last castle.
Star TV, the writer and director Alper Caglar’s new project, BÖRÜ, is the first 60 minutes of special channels.
Inspired by real events in the recent history of Turkey, Börü episode 6 english subtitles will consist of 6 episodes of 1 hour and will make the grand finale in the white screen. Börü episode 6 english subtitles. In the summer of 2017, Star TV screens will be followed by the audience, BÖRÜ’s movie will be in sight in the summer of 2018.
The filming of BÖRÜ, a partnership of CaglarArts and Insignia, which has signed the MOU film series, will pass on a new partnership with Star Yapım. Players entered a private camp at the start of the shoot, preparing an unprecedented three-month tactical training. Börü episode 6 english subtitles.

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