Black Pearl episode 16

With original title Siyah İnci, hey had promised each other to be together until death do them part. Hazal and Kenan had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, settled in a small Aegean town but their perfect relation is shaken by Vural’s arrival. Vural will not give up until he wins Hazal’s love and breaks them apart. Kenan is an orphan who grew up in a small seaside town. Hazal, who never met her father, lives with her mother struggling to meet ends. Kenan and Hazal have been in love with each other since middle school. They plan to get married after Kenan completes his compulsory military service. Turkish series Black Pearl episode 16 english subtitles.
Hazal works at one of Cesme’s (a popular summer resort in the Aegean region) most luxurious hotels. Kenan, unable to find a decent job after graduating from business school, is earning his life as a fisherman. Vural, the son of a wealthy family, visits the small town Hazal lives in to celebrate his birthday. He falls in love with her the minute he sees her. Hazal is the spitting image of Vural’s first wife Naz, whom he loved obsessively. Turkish series Black Pearl episode 16 english subtitles.
Vural had murdered his first wife Naz when he had realized she was going to leave him. To cover up the murder, he had told everyone that Naz had suddenly disappeared. Only Vural and his mother Canan know the truth. However, Naz’s brother Aziz is certain that Vural had done something to his sister. Turkish series Black Pearl episode 16 english subtitles.

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