Bir Sevdadır episode 13

Aslo known as It’s A Love, Yasin a famous football player from the Black Sea region, is the beloved of millions, while Yeşil is a young woman who started life at a considerable disadvantage. Yeşil hasn’t been educated and was raised to be married off at an early age. Before turning 18, she is married to Ünal, the son of Cenap Ağa, but someone abducts her from her wedding. That person is Ersin, the twin brother of the famous footballer Yasin. In the chase that happens on the same night, Ersin dies, Ünal becomes disabled, and his brother Ferhat dies. Yeşil goes to prison and serves seven years, where she gives birth to twin children: İshak and Boncuk. Turkish series Bir Sevdadır episode 13 english subtitles.
The passing years have not ended the blood feud. On the day of her release, Tufan, Ünal’s brother, awaits Yeşil at the prison gate to take revenge on his behalf. During her time in prison, Yeşil doesn’t sit idle. She prepared herself for life in every way; however, a big and challenging test awaited her outside. Due to what happened, Yeşil no longer has a family. Her biggest dream for herself and her children is to have a family. Turkish series Bir Sevdadır episode 13 english subtitles.
Yeşil, risking everything, will go to the Bıçakçı family, the family of the famous footballer Yasin, with her children and seek refuge under their protection. Will the wealthy and famous Bıçakçı family accept her and open their arms to her? Turkish series Bir Sevdadır episode 13 english subtitles.

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