Bana Sevmeyi Anlat episode 5

Aslo known as Wings of Love, Leyla who lives in Germany, divorces her husband and moves back in her father’s house along with her little son; Ruzgar. Partly because of her father Salih’s threats, she decides to marry Hasmet who is a well-known businessman. Her only wish is to raise her son, Ruzgar in a loving family. What Leyla does not know is the dark side of Hasmet well masked by his charming style. The day of the wedding Leyla realizes Hasmet’s true colors and without a moment’s hesitation she runs away. The one who unintentionally helps her escape is Alper. Turkish series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat episode 5 english subtitles.
Alper, who is not aware that he has just helped the bride escape her wedding, is also in a messy situation himself. Alper’s wife Berna and brother Cihan have just been in an accident. His brother has died on the scene and his wife has been in a coma ever since. When Alper’s is a mess his best friend Engin helps him out and introduces him to Hasmet. Alper impresses Hasmet with his self-confidence and starts working at the restaurant as a manager. Just when he was thinking that his life is finally coming together he finds himself kidnapping his boss’s wife-to-be on their wedding day. When he realizes what happened his conscience gets the best of him and he can’t find it in himself to abandon a desperate woman with her son. Leyla’s miserable life changes dramatically when she starts working as an interpreter for her father’s boss Hasmet (Mustafa Ustundag). Hasmet owns a chain of restaurants in Istanbul, he is a respected and successful businessman and has a wealthy life. He also does business in Germany to cover his illegal activities. He is in fact a ruthless drug dealer. Turkish series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat episode 5 english subtitles.
Hasmet is attracted by Leyla at first sight and introduces himself as an understanding, thoughtful, and romantic man. He wants to get married to her. Even though Leyla’s father knows that Hasmet is a dangerous man, he sacrifices his daughter in order to save his son’s life. In the hope of making a better life for her son, Leyla accepts to get married to Hasmet without knowing his illegal activities. She comes to Istanbul in order to start her new life. However, on her wedding day, she discovers the real truth about Hasmet and understands that he is not the man who he seems. With the fear of her son’s life, Leyla runs away from her wedding and meets Alper (Kadir Dogulu) out of pure coincidence. Turkish series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat episode 5 english subtitles.
Alper (Kadir Dogulu) is a young man who is a successful cook of his own restaurant. He is married and has a little daughter. He does not get along well with his wife Berna (Asli Orcan) but tries to do his best to keep his family together for the sake of his daughter. Alper is deceived by his wife and his brother-in-law and loses all his savings. He tries to set all the things in order while he starts to take care of his daughter alone when his wife falls into a coma due to a car accident. In order to pay for his debt, Alper does not have any choice but to hand over his restaurant and work as an executive chef for Hasmet’s restaurant. He also does not know that Hasmet is a dangerous man and dealing with illegal activities. The life of Leyla and Alper intersects when Leyla runs away from her wedding. They start a dangerous journey where true love is found. However, it would not be easy to live in peace while Hasmet is trying to find them. Turkish series Bana Sevmeyi Anlat episode 5 english subtitles.