Azize episode 6

Aslo known as The Saint, a story of revenge and love… A girl whose family was torn apart by Alpan, a powerful mafia family; Azize. Now as Azize… She’s a strong woman who’s managed to stand on her feet to protect her brother, put her whole past behind and make a new life for herself, but those cruel hands that will touch her brother. Alpan, who took away his mother and father years ago, will also harm Yigit, Azize’s only surviving asset. Turkish series Azize episode 6 english subtitles.
That’s when he will be sworn in, Azize; He’s going to ask the people who put him through this. Now he has only one purpose in life, to avenge his family. While continuing his struggle for his cause, he will face an obstacle he did not expect, but… Love… They say whoever finds love forgets himself. Turkish series Azize episode 6 english subtitles.
One of Azize’s greatest enemies in life, Alpan, the smartest, most mert, bravest man in the family, kartal, will fall in love with Azize. As we see that Kartal is not like his family, Azize will fall into this love… On the way to her revenge, she will begin to fight with herself, Azize. Will he be able to keep his promise to his brother or will he surrender for his love… Who will win in the end… Love, Or revenge? Turkish series Azize episode 6 english subtitles.

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