Atiye episode 2

Aslo known as The Gift, Atiye is a beautiful young painter, lives a simple and happy life in Istanbul with her family and lover Ozan, until she changed her life with a discovery at Göbeklitepe, the world’s oldest temple. Erhan, an archaeologist conducting excavations in the region, discovers a symbol that reveals the mystical relationship between Atiye and Gobeklitepe. Atiye pursues this mysterious event that opens a completely different door for him and decides to search for his past in the ancient temple. As this veil of mystery is searched, the events that confront Atiye will make him question the past and the future, everything between truth and spiritual. Turkish series Atiye episode 2 english subtitles.
The Journey to Gobeklitepe And Nemrut, which tells a story that passes through Anatolian lands and extends from Istanbul to Gobeklitepe and Nemrut, combines the future with the past, the spiritual and the real, transformation intertwines with discovery. Turkish series Atiye episode 2 english subtitles.
Atiye, whose story begins at the end of the story of mankind, is an ordinary man, but an extraordinary path of fate awaits him. As his past stands like an insurmountable mountain in front of his future, he is unable to remain indifferent to the signs he has put in front of his life and goes after his destiny by going to Göbeklitepe, where he dreams. So, will Atiye, who encounters things he never expected on this path, be able to reach the secret of his extraordinary destiny, or will he be lost in it? Turkish series Atiye episode 2 english subtitles.

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