Asla Vazgeçmem episode 11

Aslo known as I Never Give Up, Yigit is a young and rich business man who had nothing in the past but manages to become very successful with his own effort and passion. He never believes in love and never thinks that he will fall in love with someone. Therefore, Yigit accepts to get married to his aunt’s daughter Iclal even though he does not love her. After marriage, he gives all his attention to his child and puts his shoulder to the wheel. Turkish series Asla Vazgeçmem episode 11 english subtitles.
When Yigit realizes that he cannot continue like this, he wants to get divorce. However, his wife Iclal prefers to die instead of getting divorce. While they are discussing at the car, they make an accident and Iclal enters the unfortunate condition of a persistent vegetative state. Nur, on the other hand, is a young and beautiful girl who lives in Adana (city in the south of Turkey). When her parents pass away, she comes to Istanbul where her aunt lives. Nur wants to find a job in Istanbul and start to live in peace by herself. She finds out that her aunt works as a maid in a big house whose owner is Yigit. Turkish series Asla Vazgeçmem episode 11 english subtitles.
Out of pure coincidence, the lives of Yigit and Nur intersect and they fall in love with each other at first sight. However, Yigit could not reveal that he is married and his wife has been in a vegetative state for almost 11 years. The story becomes more complicated, when Yigit’s wife Iclal recovers from a vegetative state. Turkish series Asla Vazgeçmem episode 11 english subtitles.

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