Aşkın Tarifi episode 13

Aslo known as Recipe for Love, Fırat who is originally from Gaziantep, is a chef specializing in kebab. He lives in a modest neighborhood in Istanbul where he operates a shop with his aunt and some friends. Fırat who is engaged has the warmest and beautiful, but his world falls apart when she abandons him on their wedding day. Turkish series Aşkın Tarifi episode 13 english subtitles.
When Fırat gets angry he loses total control of himself. So he immediately starts to question why his beloved fiancé’ did this to him, and he discovers a name; Taylan Günebakan aka Doctor Love. Turkish series Aşkın Tarifi episode 13 english subtitles.
Taylan Günebakan is the daytime television phenomenal that everyone watches. Taylan Günebakan who is actually a life coach is now Fırat’s enemy. Fırat will not rest until he teaches this man a lesson regarding what real love is. He comes up with the idea that the quickest and easiest way to do this is to ruin Doctor Love’s own happiness. Even though Fırat does not believe in playing with the emotions and feelings of a woman, Doctor Love has left him no other option. Turkish series Aşkın Tarifi episode 13 english subtitles.
In order to put his plan into motion, Fırat must first find Doctor Love’s girlfriend Naz. Naz Soyluer is the daughter of a very well know family in Istanbul and she has just opened a very fancy restaurant which specializes in French cuisine. This of course is fabulous news for Fırat, as in his past Fırat worked for a French restaurant and is very familiar with their cuisine. So the new French restaurant becomes the correct address for Fırat. This is will a reunion of a sense for Fırat who will be able to work again with French cuisine and also side the beautiful owner of the establishment, Naz. Turkish series Aşkın Tarifi episode 13 english subtitles.
But reaching Naz and getting through to her is not going to be as easy as he thought. Naz Soyluer has her own rules and regulations as well as many upfront prejudice’s regarding relationships, in other words Naz is and examply of the perfect “lady”. Will Fırat be able to break down the walls around Naz? How will the Love Doctor react and what will he do with the danger of someone like Fırat being around his girlfriend? Will Naz who is an extremely intelligent woman, be able to figure out who Fırat actually is? Will Fırat’s identity and reasons for being there be exposed right at the beginning? Turkish series Aşkın Tarifi episode 13 english subtitles.

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