Aşk Ağlatır episode 7

Aslo known as Love that makes you cry, Ada is a 19-year-old girl who lost her mother at an early age and never knew her father. When Yusuf returns home, tired of work at midnight, he finds a letter written to Ada in the bag that Fırat finds on the road. When the young man reads the letter, he realizes that he must deliver it to his master and sets off without wasting any time… This journey of Yusuf will change his life and his life forever… However, it is not so easy for him to pursue his dreams; his uncle İsmail and his future fiancé, Mustafa, took the eye to do everything to stop Ada. Turkish series Aşk Ağlatır episode 7 english subtitles.
Young people who migrated from the provinces to Istanbul and tried to survive alone; The tears of Ada (Hafsanur Sancaktutan), who was forced to get married in the introduction of Aşk Ağlatır, which tells the story of their conflict between conscience and their love, are deeply affecting the audience. Ada, kasaba This town took my name from me; I am here! Yusuf Yusuf (Deniz Can Aktaş) is trying to support Ada. The two are on their way to Istanbul and will be curious about what they will experience. Turkish series Aşk Ağlatır episode 7 english subtitles.
Where the places are used in the introductory trailer of Aşk Ağlatır series will be quite curious where. The series, which began with the village life, continued in Tokyo in the original. It is unlikely that the series, which will begin in a village in Anatolia in the series of Love that makes you cry, is going to continue in Istanbul and we estimate that the events passing by young people are happening in Istanbul. In which neighborhoods in Istanbul will be the filming of Aşk Ağlatır (Love that makes you cry) series as the information comes, we will write to you. Turkish series Aşk Ağlatır episode 7 english subtitles.

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