Aşk 101 episode 2

Aslo known as Love 101, the story begins in today Istanbul, when a woman called Işık arrives at an old house. There she recalls the past and friends of her youth.
Back in 1998, a group of young people (Eda, Osman, Sinan and Kerem) studying in a school of Istanbul are at risk of exclusion because of their poor behaviour. They are very different from their classmates and, therefore, very lonely. A headmaster and most of the teachers are against them, and only one called Burcu does her best to protect young people. However, once they find out that Burcu is getting relocated, and this means that all of them will be excluded after her leaving. Turkish series Aşk 101 episode 2 english subtitles.
In order to prevent this, students unite and make a plan: they will make Burcu fall in love. According to the law, after marriage she will be able to choose a place of work by herself. They ask for help Işık, an excellent student and a girl with a big heart. Soon she becomes a part of their company. This union helps students change for the better, understand themselves, realize the importance of true friendship, find love and their own way in life. At the same time, their plan helps Burcu change her outlook on life and find true love with a new unsociable teacher called Kemal. Turkish series Aşk 101 episode 2 english subtitles.
The students at the centre of this plot, Eda, Osman, Sinan and Kerem, do a decent enough job of bringing to life a script by Meriç Acemi and Destan Sedolli that is familiar if tinged with enough period and cultural detail to feel slightly fresh for Western audiences. That having been said, the idea of students causing havoc and only bonding with a sympathetic authority figure is a played-out one, though the strict faculty is apparently less of a villain for Love 101 than the possibility of progressivism. Turkish series Aşk 101 episode 2 english subtitles.

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