Alef episode 8

Aslo known as Aleph, is a mystic and detective story that will be broadcasted on Blu TV and FX. There will be a total of 8 episodes. Turkish series Alef episode 8 english subtitles.
The story is about two detectives try to solve the murder cases after they found out a dead body in Bosphorus. The series takes some scenes related to Ottoman and Islam history. Kemal is an ambitious detective, Settar is an experienced detective and Yaşar is an academician at the university. Turkish series Alef episode 8 english subtitles.
Alef is already one of the most serious works in Turkey because of the quality of acting, directing, dialogues, technical parts and perhaps most importantly cinematography, it is perfect and praiseworthy actually. There are not many series worldwide which offer this kind of a cinematography and detailed work. It is too early to say a certain thing about story but it is intriguing with a opening like this. This series is a co-production between fx and blutv. There is a huge potential in these kinda shows and it should be supported and expanded. I hope it gets the necessary attention. Have a good time everyone. Turkish series Alef episode 8 english subtitles.

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