Aile episode 2

Aslo known as The Family, as hinted upon with its title, Aile will explore the most controversial aspects of the concept of ‘family.’ The audience will follow the events that unfold when Aslan, a member of a very prominent crime family meets a psychologist named Devin. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.
Aslan, our protagonist comes from a prominent family. Due to his connections, he’s had the privilege to open his own nightclub and run his business. Because of his influencial background, Aslan has a shallow personality that is often considered to be rude and shrewd. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.
Despite his egotistic personality, Aslan has problems of his own regarding his family. Not knowing how to deal with it, he meets a psychologist named Devin. Upon meeting Aslan, Devin realises how damanged he really is. Having issues personal to him, Aslan is in a tight spot when it comes to the complexities of his family. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.
The table is the only place that reminds the Soykans that they are ‘family’. That day, while a table is being set for the whole family to gather, Aslan is on the Izmir plane to solve one of his “dark” affairs regarding his uncle. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.
Psychologist Devin and Aslan’s paths cross on this journey. Devin is also going to Izmir to deal with a new trouble that his sister has gotten into. It is very clear that they are people of different worlds. But it doesn’t take long for them to discover their common ‘wound’; their families. Aslan breaks a very important rule of the Soykan Constitution for Devin from the very first night. This is enough for her mother Hülya, who feels an obsessive attachment to Aslan, to realize the great danger that is approaching; Devin. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.
Hülya’s job, who has shown many times before that she can do everything to prevent her son from getting away from the family, will not be as easy as before this time. However, Hülya is not the only one whose job is not easy. The encounter on the Izmir plane will be only the beginning of the difficult road that our wounded heroes will take to establish their own families. Turkish series Aile episode 2 english subtitles.

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  • nicknat45

    i LOVE THIS SHOW. Its different from the same ole Turkish shows. I like that they gave thought into making this show, I love that they explored REAL PEOPLE SITUATION AND PROBLEMS. Again great show … Thanks for uploaded this show. In America its hard to find Turkish shows or series that are not the same. The ones that you do find are so predictable, same as the last or just whatever…