Adım Farah episode 12

Aslo known as My Name Is Farah, Farah is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant. She begins to live there as an illegal immigrant. Moreover, her son Kerimşah’ has a rare disease. Since the immune system is very weak from birth, Kerimşah is open to diseases. Therefore, he has to live in a sterile environment. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. Farah’s goal in life is for her son Kerimşah to get healthy and to have a life like normal children. She will save money as soon as possible and complete her son’s treatment and go to France again. Turkish series Adım Farah episode 12 english subtitles.
But Farah’s world is turned upside down overnight. She witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place she goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz. Farah, at the cost of her life, cleans the scene without leaving any traces. However, since she is an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants her killed and this task is given to Tahir. Tahir is a lonely man who grew up with the mafia leader. Things get even more difficult for Farah when it turns out that the deceased was a cop. On the other hand, the police are being pressured by Mehmet. Tahir and Farah will also be tested with the emotions they cannot avoid in this life-or-death dilemma. Turkish series Adım Farah episode 12 english subtitles.
Farah, who had to stay in Istanbul after escaping from Iran and learning that she was pregnant; She starts working as a cleaning worker instead of her main profession as a surgeon. Farah, who managed to be both a mother and a doctor to her son Kerimşah, who has a congenital balloon disease known as PIY; There is nothing she cannot do for her son and his treatment. Turkish series Adım Farah episode 12 english subtitles.
One night, she comes face to face with Tahir Lekesiz on the occasion of the tragic event she unwittingly witnessed in a cleaning place. Tahir; He is one of the top members of a family business dealing with illegal business and is a loyal man to his boss who saved his life and raised him at a young age. But that night, he finds himself in an unexpected situation for the first time. While Farah is torn between keeping quiet or speaking out for justice, Tahir has to decide for the first time in his life about the fate of an innocent woman and child. Turkish series Adım Farah episode 12 english subtitles.

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