Ada Masalı episode 1

Aslo known as Island of Tale, Haziran goes to meet with her boss regarding the position in Tokyo which has been a dream of hers. However in order to get that promotion she must first help her boss with a situation. She must go to the island of Kırlangıç, and convince the land owner to sell his land to the company. Ada’s mission which is needed to convince this man to stop being stubborn and sell his land, is to learn something that they can use against him in order to force him to sell. Turkish series Ada Masalı episode 1 english subtitles.
When Haziran arrives on the island and goes to the land she meets Poyraz. Poyraz immediately tries to throw her and her entire caravan out of the factory. From the first momemt that they meet the are annoyed by each other. However Haziran has gotten the information that her boss needs. She is very anxious to return to the city of Istanbul which she loves very much when she runs into her aunt. When she misses the ferry they are forced to stay on the island. Turkish series Ada Masalı episode 1 english subtitles.
Without realizing what is going on, Haziran suddenly finds herself dancing with Poyraz in a dance competition. Before too much time passes she realizes that her boss has mislead her. To make matters even worse, she also realizes that she has actually caused harm to Poyraz. When she realizes how much damage she has caused she is determined to make this right, so she approaches Poyraz with an offer. Turkish series Ada Masalı episode 1 english subtitles.

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